This One’s For The Haters, The Pessimists and The Tip Toer’s Among Us

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by Marc Valentine

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It’s well documented that travel enriches the soul and expands the mind.

Books aside, we all know someone who’s returned from extended overseas travel, and can’t stop raving about the amazing experiences waiting for them when they dared to leave whatever country they’ve been using as their global backyard.

That said, some folks still talk about travel as though it’s some kind of fairy tale, reserved for careless 2o somethings, or the incredibly wealthy, heck, some even tell us they’ll never be able to do what we’ve done…

“Drop everything just like that, and travel the world for a year or so, no care in the world”.

“It’s easy for you” they say.

Easy for me?

Why exactly is it easy for me? because I made a decision years ago, that I would not go to my grave without knowing what is feels like to board a plane with no return ticket, just me, and my backpack and the entire planet for a playground.

Easy for me?

It was no easier for me to float the idea of round the world travel, and have it shot down by friends and family than it will be for you or anyone else, my friend.

You see, like most, My own travel adventures seemed like nothing more than a distant dream. For years I doubted whether the soles of my feet would ever touch foreign soil.

I bought a home and took on a mortgage at the tender age of 19, so I’ve felt the weight of life’s compounding responsibilities just like most people.

That’s until one day I had enough.

I know you’ve heard the story before, the underdog puts up with struggle and turmoil for years, until one day – BOOM, they have a break-through experience, and their life changes forever. Well, that’s not how my story goes at all, I simply had enough, enough excuses, enough setbacks, enough dreaming of faraway exotic lands.

So, I booked a plane ticket to Thailand. Not allowing anybody to talk me out of it, I jumped on the internet and booked a one way flight to Bangkok, and presto…

I was a backpacker!

“So Many people tip toe through life to get to death safely” Tony campolo

Holy shit, you mean after all those years of bullshit excuses and crippling doubts about whether it would actually happen for you, all of it dissolved in the 15 minutes it took to books those flights online?

Yep, that’s how long it took to crush those, good for nothing, soul destroying, life inhibiting thoughts.

It’s way to easy to put your dreams off using mental alibis like; others have it easier than you. Fact is, if your’e neither living your dream of travel, or at very least in the midst of seriously planning it, you just don’t want it badly enough!

So the question is – are you happy to keep “tip toeing through life” or are you going to take the bull by the horns, get out there and live a little?

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