Feb Travel Expense Report

Bang Por Beach Koh SamuiLocation: Thailand

February was our very first month traveling abroad…

We packed up our belongings and left our home in Perth, Australia on the 18th Feb,
flying into Bangkok to kick off the Southeast Asia leg of our travels by backpacking through Thailand.

After 5 awesome days exploring Bangkok… we headed East to Kanchanaburi
(home of the bridge over the river Kwai) for a few nights…

… before returning to Bangkok, then busing it down to Koh Samui for some fun in the sun.

Our major expenses in Feb were our flights to Thailand (booked in advance)

Other Noteworthy Expenses – for the 12 days of February we were in Thailand

Other major travel goings ons in Feb included the bus out to & guided tour of Kanchanaburi, the train/bus/ferry to Koh Samui & general transport around Bangkok.

Total Cost of Travel For Feb

2 persons for 12 Days backpacking in Thailand

$1230 plus flights of $708

Average daily cost of backpacking in Thailand – for 2 persons

$86 per day excluding flights

Our Travel Expenses Broken Down

You can see a broken down list of our expenses below… to give you a better idea of costs while backpacking around the world.

It’s worth noting that although we’re backpacking, we didn’t stay in any dorm rooms in SE Asia, we always got a private room and usually opted to pay a few dollars extra for an air con room rather than a fan room.


Perth – Bangkok

We only took one flight in Feb… from our home town of Perth in Western Australia, to Bangkok Thailand. We booked our flight in November flying Air Asia, and could def have gotten a cheaper flight had we waited for one of Air Asia’s special deals.

Total costs for Flights in Feb



Our accommodation costs for Feb are broken down as follows…

Bangkok Thailand
Dates: 18 Feb – 22 Feb
Nights: 5 x nights
Average cost per night in Bangkok $26.00

Kanchanaburi Thailand
Dates: 23 Feb – 26 Feb
Nights: 4 x nights
Average cost per night in Kanchanaburi $22.00

Koh Samui Thailand
Dates: 27 Feb – 29 Feb
Nights: 3 x nights
Average cost per night in Koh Samui $22.00

Total Accommodation Costs for Feb



We don’t splurged often on meals while traveling… in saying that, we don’t live on packet noodles & plain rice either, a typical daily diet for us while in SE Asia would look like this…

Breakfast – cereal with yoghurt in our hotel room
Lunch – stir fried noodles with chicken or a rice dish like a chicken curry
Dinner – stir fried noodles with chicken/tofu or another rice dish like a curry

Average cost for food & drinks per day for 2 persons in Bangkok $26.00

Average cost for food & drinks per day for 2 persons in Bangkok $25.00

Koh Samui
Average cost for food & drinks per day for 2 persons Koh Samui $33.00

Total cost of delicious backpacking food devoured in Feb including drinks


Tours & Entrance Fees

We usually avoid guided tours… preferring to make our own way where we can, for 2 reasons…

  1. It’s usually cheaper, you normally pay a premium for the services of a guide
  2. It’s more interesting, we always seem to meet more locals and enjoy a better experience when we make our own way

In the month of Feb we did 2 guided tours and a cooking class

  1. A visit to the floating markets near Bangkok and King Cobra Snake Show $47.00
  2. Hellfire pass/waterfalls/bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi $55.00
  3. Cooking class for 1 person only $39.00

Total Cost For Tours In Feb – for 2 people


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If you’ve got any questions, or would like to see a more detailed breakdown of our travel expenses, let us know in the comment box below.