We’re Marc & Anna… and we’re a young couple having a blast while travelling the world – and sharing our travel stories with you along the way…

“Travel is to the Soul – What Education is to the Mind” unknown

If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling the world… immersing yourself in other cultures, adding exotic foods to your diet, and setting eyes on of some the most profound & beautiful wonders of the world… follow along with us as we do all that & more.

As we go backpacking through Southeast Asia & Europe… we reveal in intimate detail… an un-biased account of what it’s really like to take to the road – travelling to some of the most idyllic and desirable (and some not so desirable) travel destinations across the globe.

From the Ancient Temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia… to the Beaches of San Sebastian on the coast of Spain – we let you in on where our favourite travel destinations are, what travel resources we recommend, Gear advice, and we even publish a Regular Travel Expense Report on how much we’ve spent recently on our travels… to help you better plan for your own travel adventures.

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We hope to encourage & inspire others to set out and have an awesome time seeing the world.

What Will Following This Blog Will Do For You…?

Art of Absence… our travel blog, aims to inspire budding & veteran traveller’s alike… through sharing exciting travel stories, photos, videos & other cool travel stuff from our own adventures around the globe.

On this site you’ll find…

And various other tools & resources + a ton of inspiration to help you plan and get the most out of your own round the world travel.

Why We Decided To Put Our Lives On Hold To Go Travelling…?

After spending an unforgettable 10 weeks in Europe in 2010… we couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a whole lot more of the world to see – and the only way to see it properly was to take some time off from our lives and commit to some serious travel.

So that’s what we did…

In December 2011 Marc ‘secretly’ booked tickets to Thailand and hid them in an A4 file – along with our first few nights accommodation – wrapped the file in christmas wrapping and stuck it under the x-mas tree.

On Feb 18th 2012 we flew into Bangkok… and we’ve been backpacking our way around Southeast Asia ever since.

Where Will Our Travels Take Us?

Our travel itinerary is fairly loose… but I’ll run you through the basic plan.


We flew into Bangkok in Feb to have a thorough look around Thailand. From there, we plan on going on to Vietnam… followed by Cambodia, then over to Laos.


We fell in love with Spain back in 2010 so we aim to spend a big chunk of time there on this trip… starting in Paris and making our way down through the south of France until we get to Spain.

Other than a quick detour to Morocco… that’s about as far ahead as we’ve planned for the European leg of our tour.

It’s A Big World… Are You Going Anywhere Else?

Honestly, we’re just not sure… there’s a ton of places we would love to checkout along the way including Africa & America but only time will tell…

You’ll have to check in every now and again to find out!


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