Expense Reports

Once a month we publish a detailed breakdown of our travel expenses. It includes all our travel costs for that month broken down into categories – like accommodation, food, flights and a few of our cheeky expenses like chocolate & beers etc.

We start by giving you some background info on the important goings on for that month… like were we,ve been and what we,ve done – so you get an idea about the bigger picture of what our travel involved for that month and how the travel funds were allocated.

It’s worth noting that we travel as a couple… which can have it’s advantages over traveling solo – such always dividing the accommodation costs in half.

Our expenses are still relevant if you’re planing a trip for 1 though… just divide the costs in half where needed.

We hope you’ll find our travel budget & expense information helpful in planning your own travel adventures.

Feb Backpacking Expense Report

March Backpacking Expense Report