We’ve put together a list of travel resources we thought you might find useful. Mostly online… you’ll find plenty of inspiration, plus some practical tools you can use before, during, & after your travels.

Travel Inspiration

Needing a bit of extra travel inspiration? No problem we’ve got your back…

Pinterest is an online Pinboard for photos – people “Pin”, share, & like their favourite photos.


Trippy works just like Pinterest except trippy is exclusively for travel photos. It’s like travel porn, enjoy.


If you haven’t already… check out our travel photo gallery.

Art of Absence Travel Photo Gallery

Finding Free Accommodation

Get a free room, meet some locals, & get a tour guide all at the same time… Couchsurfers organise regular meetups at local bars and stuff too.

Couch Surfing

Speak Like a Local

Resources to help you learn some lingo…

Learn a new language by chatting with people who already speak whatever language you want to learn on Skype. Simple but effective.

The Mixxer

Travel Maps

Create & share your own awesome travel maps using the websites below…

Trip Line

Build A Map


Travel Videos

Gather all those still pictures from your travels… and easily make cool travel videos.


Have I missed anything?

If you’ve some helpful resources of your own you think should be on this list – add them in the comments section below…