Pacsafe Review – Keep Your Travel Gear Safe During Your Next Backpacking Trip

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by Marc Valentine

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Pacsafe 85ltr backpack security device

Pacsafe 85ltr backpack security device

If you’ve ever had something lifted from your bag, or stolen from a hostel room while you’re travelling, you know it’s a damn right pain in the backside at best…

But worse than that, it’s disappointing, frustrating, and can cost you a lot of money when it’s something valuable or important that’s stolen.

It’s one of the things I wrestled with before my latest trip, as I knew I’d be taking a bunch of expensive gear all around Europe & Southeast Asia with me… included in my “digital travel arsenal” was my laptop, an iPad, & a DSLR camera with a few lenses…
all up I would be hauling around about $3,500 worth of electronics alone… I wasn’t willing to let somebody walk off with any of my hard earned possessions if they decided they liked some of my stuff more than I did.

After a bit of research I found the ideal solution – a Pacsafe 85ltr bag security device.


Pacsafe luggage lock

My Pacsafe securing my backpack in a luggage room in Vietnam

The Pacsafe system is pretty simple to use, basically you slip your bag or backpack inside a giant stainless steel mesh web, then securely lock it to something that’s bolted down.

What are the benefits of using a Pacsafe for travel?

Firstly it prevents somebody from walking off with your entire backpack, plus it’s going to stop would-be thieves from rummaging through your bag & getting their hands on any of your valuables that are inside.

Does it work?

Sure as hell did for me.

I didn’t get a ton of use out of my Pacsafe, but on the few occasions that I wasn’t comfortable leaving my gear behind (completely at the mercy of strangers) I deployed my Pacsafe & locked my bag up tight, then I got on with enjoying my holiday knowing that I had done everything possible (within reason) to look after my valuable possessions.


Using a Pacsafe for my bag during travel

Keep your bags safe during bus & train travel

I used my Pacsafe a few times during overnight train & bus travel in Asia, & I happily left my gear, including all my digital devices in a hotel luggage room in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a week while I had the time of my life riding a motorcycle around Northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop.

The Pacsafe folds up into a small canvas carry bag (about the size of a big wallet) so you can slip it into easily into the corner of your backpack.

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