Why You Absolutely Need Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Is As Essential To Us As A Plane Ticket When Travelling Overseas…

Travel Insurance is the very next thing we buy after booking our plane tickets.

Before considering what pack to pack for our next backpacking trip… summer vs winter clothes… sandals vs hiking boots… we get our travel insurance sorted out pronto.

You’ll find some general Backpackers Travel Insurance advice on this page, including…

  • When you should be covered by insurance while backpacking
  • What makes a good travel insurance policy for backpackers
  • Who we recommend for long term travel insurance
  • And some personal stories of times when travel insurance has saved our bacons.

A few things to watch As A Backpacker Shopping for Travel Insurance.

Not all Travel Insurance Policies are created equal.

Different Insurance Companies cover different things – so it’s important to compare policies to make sure you’re getting the right policy for you.

Spend a few minutes reading the policies fine print. There’s a ton of information in there that you need to know if things go bad for you overseas.

What your policy covers can depend on where your travelling to – and in some circumstances, even how long you plan to be abroad.

I get a very comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy with my credit card. BUT it only covers me for overseas travel of less than 6 months in duration. (a little nugget I uncovered by reading fine the print).

Motorcycle cover

If you’re planning to get around on two wheels at any stage while overseas – make sure you’re covered.

Most policies state that you must hold a valid licence and some even stipulate that the motorcycle’s engine size cannot be over a certain size. 250cc seems to be a popular cut-off.

Extreme Sports

Like the idea of hang gliding in Switzerland or kite surfing in Koh Samui?

If thats the kind of thing that blows your hair back… check first if extreme activities are covered by your insurance. Things like scuba diving are usually covered subject to you having the relevant certifications.

Maximum Payouts per Item

Some providers have a maximum claimable amount for individual items… which doesn’t help you much, if say… you’re planning on taking a $1700 laptop and your insurer will pay a maximum of $500.

Country Exclusions

Some countries are safer than others right? so it makes sense that some insurance companies might refuse to insure you in dangerous or volatile countries.

Check if any countries are excluded in your policy.

Large Excess

Your excess is the amount you have to pay your insurance company when you lodge a claim. So if your policy has a $200 excess and your phone which is worth $230 is stolen or lost… your insurance company will ask you to pay $200.

Simple right? only some insurance companies have excess’s so high… it makes it almost never worthwhile making a claim.

When is The Best Time To Buy Your Travel Insurance?

I’ve heard of people who waited until the last minute to organise their Travel Insurance only to have some kind of disaster screw up their holiday before they bought their insurance – resulting in them being left out of pocket for flights and any pre-booked accommodation expenses, because they failed to act far enough in advance.

My advice… buy your insurance sooner rather than later. Like Now! – if you’ve already paid for flights & accommodation.

Nobody likes losing a few thousand dollars on a holiday that they never got to enjoy. Get your insurance in place and sleep easier at night knowing you’ve planned for the worst.

Which Travel Insurance Company Do We Recommend?

We Recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance.

World Nomads offers backpackers & long term travellers, comprehensive travel Insurance tailored to your specific needs. Easily & quickly organise your insurance within minutes on their simple to use website.

Taking a laptop computer, expensive camera, iPad or other electronic gadgets on your trip?

World Nomads lets you add multiple devices to your policy… and even nominate the value of your goods should disaster strike and they get stolen, lost or broken.

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